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John Tyndall was right

Measuring the attenuation of the atmosphere to infrared rays.
To measure the attenuation of the atmosphere Tyndall used a polished brass tube which served as a wave-guide like those used nowadays in microwave transmissions. With this Tyndall isolated the measurement system from the environment. Tyndall found an attenuation of 4.012% per meter. We will try to measure the attenuation in the atmosphere directly isolating the attenuation factor of the other factors by mathematical reasoning.Initially we make two measurements U1 and U2 (u=up-link) vertically spaced 1 meter. U1 to a one meter from the ground and U2 to two meters high on a paved floor and completely dry, avoiding with this factor evaporation.
The two meters tall do a reading of the stream that falls from the atmosphere D1 (d=down-link).
Ex: Readings taken in Manaus on 30/06/2012.

U1 = 40.8 C
U2 = 40.0 C
D1 = 11.9 C

These temperatures must be converted to degrees Kelvin and whith the Stefan/Boltzmann law calculated the corresponding flows.

U1 = 549.8 w/m2
U2 = 544.2 w/m2
D1 = 373.5 w/m2

It is known that the thermal energy absorbed by a body when in thermal equilibrium is completely irradiated and in this case 50% up and 50% down. (remember the Lambertian emitter). then ....

U1 = U2 + a (U1) - a (D1) ..."a" of attenuation.

Separating terms similar ......

U1 - U2 = a (U1 - D1)

Solving the terms.

a = (U1 - U2) / (U1-L1)

Calculating .....

a = (549.8 - 544.2) / (549.8 - 373.5) = 5.6 / 176.3 = 0.03174 or 3.174%

This value is far from the 3,174% 4,012% Tyndall mostranddo that there are other factors that we have to isolate, but it shows that the attenuation of the atmosphere is real and that climate science is wrong when you consider the atmosphere transparent to infrared radiation.

We have seen that the attenuation obtained with the ascending and descending flows in the atmosphere resulted in 3,174% 4,012% when Tyndall found just have to find which factor is influencing our measurement.
For the calculation formula of developed we can conclude that the absorption of the atmosphere differential is a phenomenon and that because we are immersed in an environment where there are energy flows in all directions we have to measure the horizontal flows in the directions north, south, east and west.

North = 33 C. ...... 497.12 w/m2
Southern = 37 C......523.63 w/m2
East = 31 C. ....... 484.25 w/m2
West = 33 C ........ 497.12 w/m2

We took the magnitude of the difference.

| South - North | = 26.51 w/m2
| West - Eastern | = 12.86 w/m2

These flows are also affects the attenuation and must be isolate them.

U1 = U2 + a (U1) - a (D1) - a | N-S | - a | L-O |

U1 - U2 = a (D1 - | N-S | - | L-O |)

a = U1-U2 / (D1-| N-S | - | L-O |)

a = 5.6 / (176.24 - 26.51 - 12.86) = 5.6 / 136.87 = 0.04091 or 4.091%

Tyndall found 4, o12% in the laboratory and we found 4,091% directly into the atmosphere. So we conclude that Tyndall was right back in 1861.

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O termostato do clima.

So far, we have seen the mechanism on the control of temperature of our planet. Now we set the thermostat climate, one that regulates our temperature.
For climate science, our climate is chaotic (random).
But measuring the humidity in the canopy of a tree (Manguifera indica L.) we  found the long-sought explanation.
When the temperature falls below 30 degrees centigrade the tree absorbs water from the atmosphere  leaving the air drier and when the temperature is over 30 degrees more water it releases into the atmosphere.
Joining this with the knowledge of the atmosphere thermodynamic understand that the weather is no longer chaotic.

So the agenda is: reforest reforest reforest

People ... pay attention ... not reforest the Amazon. is to reforest other areas because trees here have enough. We need trees in each location to the contrôle them to be effective.



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The adiabatic convection.


Once you understand the phenomenon of differential absorption of the atmosphere we study the adiabatic moist convection ie one that assumes soil water.
When the sun heats the soil water evaporates mixture increasing the rate of water vapor per kg air heated portion. This portion rises in the atmosphere for one to find the dry adiabatic isopleths environment, from there follow a moist adiabatic line to find the temperature state of the atmosphere. See this film:

Greenhouse effect complitly natural
As the quantity of water evaporated from the soil this portion can rise more or less in the atmosphere.
We built three models of four layers to better understand it.It`s four layers with average attenuation of 0.014%.
These models demonstrate the operation of the temperature control of the atmosphere. Also shows why science say that the atmosphere is transparent.



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A atenuacão diferencial


The diferential attenuation

A heat radiation of 400 w/m2 in the atmosphere rising crossing a total absorption layer find a radiation that falls from top layer 200 w/m2. This layer see only 200 w/m2 becuse ( 400-200 = 200).
This layer absorbs these 200 w/m2 while the other 200 w/m2 go straight to the top layer.
The 200 w/m2  absorbeds
is irradiated 100 w/m2 to upper layer and 100 w/m2 up to Lower.
The 200 w/m2 coming from the upper layer falls lossles.
The total flow of 300 w/m2 rising to the top layer and 300 w/m2 down to the bottom layer.

It`s the explanation of the phenomenon of differential absorption without differential and integral calculus

The differential attenuation can be explained by theories of electromagnetic waves (MAXWELL).
When two electromegnétic waves are traveling in the opposite direction, when the magnetic field is in phase, the electric field is out of fase and when electric fields are in phase, the magnetic fields will be out of fase.

Or the kinetic theory of gases shows that heating a gas causes the increased  the average quadratic velocity of the particles of gas. When two electromagnetic waves are in a gaseous medium, traveling in the opposite direction, a wave accelerates the particles in one direction while the other accelerates in the opposite direction.








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Entendendo o efeito estufa-2.......

Continuando a análize do efeito estufa.
No efeito estufa com atmosfera de uma camada com atenuacão de 50% vimos que a atmosfera deveria apresentar uma atenuacão média de 0,00346% por metro.
Como Tyndall mostrou que a atenuacão com ar ambiente era de aproximadamente 4% por metro, medindo no laboratório, procuramos medi-la direto na atmosfera e após desenvolver o método de medida encontramos aqui em Manaus 4,084% por metro. Este resultado me diz que cada camada deveria ter apenas 16 metros e considerando os 20Km da atmosfera, teriamos 1250 camadas não considerando as variacões de densidade e composicão do ar. Dificil de demonstrar. vamos então imaginar uma atmosfera de tres camadas e para isto temos que ter uma atenuacão média de 0,01039% por metro.
Aqui precisamos revelar que quando desenvolvemos o método de medida da atenuacão, deparamos com um fato novo.
A atmosfera tem uma atenuacão aos raios infravermelho diferencial.
Explico; se duas radiacões trafegarem uma em sentido contrario da outra, a atmosfera ou qualquer gas, absorve uma parte apenas da diferenca entre os dois fluxos. E nosso modelo de atmosfera ficou assim:

Continuing to analize the greenhouse effect.
In the greenhouse atmosphere with a layer of with 50% attenuation seen that the atmosphere should have an average attenuation of 0.00346% per meter.
As Tyndall showed that attenuation with ambient air was approximately 4% per meter, measured in the laboratory, we measure it directly into the atmosphere and further develop the method as we find here in Manaus 4.084% per meter. This result tells me that each layer should have only 16 meters and considering the 20Km from the atmosphere, would have 1250 layers not considering the variations in density and composition of air. Difficult to demonstrate. let's imagine an atmosphere of three layers and for this we must have an average attenuation of 0.01039% per meter.
Here we need to prove that when we develop a method of measuring the attenuation, faced with a new fact.
The atmosphere has a differential attenuation to infrared rays.
Explain it, if two radiation goes one in reverse of each other, in atmosphere or any gas, it absorbs only a fraction of the difference between the two flows. And our atmosphere model looked like this:

O efeito estufa é igual ao número de camadas mai um (n+1) que multiplica a energia que a terra recebe do sol.

The greenhouse effect is the same as the number of layers plus one, (n +1), multiplying the energy that the earth receives from the sun.



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Entendendo o efeito estufa..

Vamos pensar um pouco sobre o efeito estufa de Fourrier.
Sabemos que todo corpo que absorve raios infravermelhos (calor radiante) tambem emite na mesma proporcão.
Imaginemos que a atmosfera absorva toda a radiacão emitida pela terra.
Neste caso a atmosfera estará irradiando esta energia calorifica metade para cima (p/espaco) e metade devolta para o solo.
Suponha que o sol mande para a terra 100 watt. Logo a atmosfera estará em equilibrio quando emitir para o espaco 100 watt e neste caso estará emitindo para a terre 100 watt. Então o fluxo de energia que passa pelo solo é de 200 watt. Duas vezes a energia recebida do sol.

Understanding the greenhouse effect ..

Let's think a little about the greenhouse effect of Fourrier.
We know that every body that absorbs infrared (radiant heat) also emits the same amount.
Imagine that the atmosphere absorbs all radiation emitted by the earth.
In this case the air will radiate this heat energy half-up (to space) and half right back to ground.
Suppose the sun send to the earth 100 watt. Soon the atmosphere is in equilibrium when the space get 100 watt and this case will be sending 100 watt to the earth. Then the energy flux passing through the soil is 200 watt. Twice the energy received from the sun.



Para este modelo de atmosfera funcionar, a atenuacão da atmosfera deverá ser de 0,00346% por metro e quem leu o trabalho de Tyndall sabe que ele encontrou 4% por 48 polegadas (1,22 metros).
Compeenderam o que é efeito estufa???????

É facil entender que o CO2 não tem esta influencia que os cientistas dizem. E que mesmo que se reduza a emissão a zero não estaremos resolvendo o problema do aquecimento global. Reduzir a zero a emissão de CO2 significa parar tudo. Todos os carros, todas as fabricas e tudo que use o fogo. Apenas fogão elétrico. Como dizia meu amigo professor Herbis (curió) "back to the cave"".

For this type of atmosphere work, the attenuation of the atmosphere should be 0.00346% per meter and who have read the Tyndall's work knows that it has encountered 4% by 48 inches (1.22 meters).
Understand what is greenhouse effect ???????

It is easy to understand that CO2 does not have this influence what scientists say. And even if we reduce the CO2 emissions to zero we will not be solving the problem of global warming. Reduce to zero CO2 emissions means stop everything. All the cars, all the factories and all use fire. Only plate. As my friend Herbis (little bird) sai "back to the cave".



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